History of CBD and Cannabis In: North Korea

by in CBD Information December 6, 2019
CBD Oil In North Korea

In this fast-paced modern world, we struggle to find ways to eat healthier and exercise to live fuller lives. We look towards natural supplements and superfoods to help relieve several symptoms we endure every day. One particular plant, cannabis, has been gaining in popularity as many may find it to be a beneficial way of reducing various symptoms organically. Specifically, CBD is the compound found in the cannabis plant that has taken the world by storm. More on that later. Today, we will talk about a country where cannabis or hemp grows naturally.

Cannabis and North Korea: A Brief History

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea is a country located in East Asia. It borders China and Russia to the north with South Korea to its south. North Korea’s east empties into the Sea of Japan (East Sea) and to the west the Yellow Sea. North Korea is a country that is rich in history dating as far back as the 10th century and perhaps even before then. When Korea was divided into two countries, North Korea was then termed as Joseon or Chosun. The city of Pyongyang is North Korea’s capital.

Cannabis or hemp is known to naturally grow in North Korea and is said to be a vital crop in ancient Korea dating back to 3000 BCE. For quite some time, hemp was used in Korea to make traditional sambe, a hemp fabric. Other than wearing hemp, the consumption of cannabis whether for medicinal or recreational use remains vague and unknown in North Korea. This is due to the lack of resources available to the outside world.

Conflicting statements between the two extremes, some say that North Korea is considered to be the “paradise” for cannabis and its uses, some even indicating that the plant is being used freely for recreational purposes. While others say quite the opposite, stating that it is illegal and one can face harsh consequences that may include the death penalty.

Despite the legal implications of cannabis possession and use to be unclear in North Korea, it is evident that hemp grows naturally in the country. It can be found growing along roadways and even in gardens around homes in Pyongyang. As such, hemp is being cultivated for industrial purposes like cooking oil in North Korea.

Cannabis – THC versus CBD

As briefly mentioned, the cannabis plant offers a variety of therapeutic and medicinal uses. So it is important to learn the difference between THC and CBD, which are both compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant that is responsible for the feelings of intoxication when consuming cannabis.

Often referred to as feelings of getting “high”, THC is one of the main reasons cannabis gets its bad reputation among authorities. CBD (cannabidiol), however, is quite different from THC in that it does not get you “high” so it is non-intoxicating and it is also non-addictive. CBD, like oil, tea, and creams, are used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

When used as such, it may alleviate various symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, aches, pains, sleeping conditions, and more. Notably, a study suggests that CBD has beneficial characteristics for patients who suffer from epilepsy.

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