History of CBD and Cannabis In: Monaco

by in CBD Information December 7, 2019

If you’ve been to Monaco lately, you might be a bit curious as to the history of cannabis use in the area, as well as how all that relates to the use of CBD oil. Traditionally, Italy has tried to keep all cannabis products out of the reach of its citizens but in more recent years, that is something that they have started to re-evaluate. Make no mistake about it, the country has always had a history of cannabis use. It just wasn’t always legal to do it.

What Type of History Is There Involving Cannabis in Monaco?

It’s really not that different from the situation in many other countries. For years, cannabis use was illegal, regardless of the reason for its use. However, it has always grown readily in the area so the fact that it was illegal didn’t really stop a lot of people from using it anyway. Eventually, the government in the area decided that they would make it legal for medicinal use and at least decriminalize recreational use.


Unfortunately for the authorities, that really hasn’t done a lot to change consumption rates of cannabis in the area. That’s largely because the people that either needed or wanted to use it while it was still illegal did so anyway. In fact, cannabis has a rather long-standing association with the area and is somewhat ingrained in the culture there.

How Are Things Evolving Today?

Without a doubt, things are changing. More and more people are beginning to use cannabis for medical reasons and even those who aren’t using it are using CBD oil. For the most part, the CBD oil that is sold in the area is actually derived from industrial hemp, a crop that has become rather commonplace there.


However, it’s not really all that uncommon to find CBD made from marijuana, which of course has a higher THC content. Therefore, anyone who wants to use CBD, yet isn’t especially keen on the idea of getting high, would do well for themselves to make sure they’re getting their CBD from a source that uses hemp as opposed to marijuana.


Of course, all of this means that the economy is changing in the area as well. For many years, marijuana grew readily there, as previously mentioned. However, it wasn’t always possible to truly make a living off of it. Today, it is possible to do exactly that. Many people cultivate marijuana and then sell it to individuals who use it for medicinal purposes. Even those who aren’t cultivating marijuana crops are typically involved with the growth of industrial hemp in some capacity. 


Some individuals are involved with both sides of the business and they are making a lot of money. This in turn helps the local economy so everyone benefits in the end. There is no doubt that the history of cannabis use in Monaco is interesting and just as much a part of the culture as good wine. However, that culture is evolving to include new things and the future promises to be interesting, at the very least.

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