History of CBD and Cannabis In: Kuwait

by in CBD Information December 6, 2019
CBD Oil In Kuwait
There is no question about it: Cannabis laws are being liberalized across the world. Indeed, it seems as if at least once a month, some new country or state in America has passed a law which makes it easier for people to get marijuana or CBD. While these changes started slowly, they have dramatically accelerated over the past fifteen years, and although few governmental units have outright legalized marijuana, many have looked the other way on their enforcement efforts or taken half steps by legalizing medical marijuana or decriminalizing personal use. However, these changes have been largely confined to North America and Europe. In many sections of the world, such as the Middle East, marijuana changes have not budged. Such is the case in Kuwait, which remains firmly opposed to all forms of marijuana or drug liberalization.

History of Cannabis in Kuwait

Cannabis has been illegal in Kuwait since at least 1960, when the country adopted a harsh penal code. At the moment, there do not appear to be any active attempts to soften Kuwait’s prohibitions against marijuana, nor does there appear to be any active groundswell in support of such changes. Additionally, unlike other countries, reports suggest that the police do not turn a blind eye to marijuana use. It appears that they actively seek out and arrest individuals who are found violating the country’s marijuana rules. From a broader perspective, Kuwait’s geographic location appears to give it a spot on many drug trafficking routes. Books have been written on drug trafficking which note that cannabis which is grown in Afghanistan often stop in Kuwait before going through to Europe.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis in Kuwait

All forms of cannabis consumption – including recreational or medical – are completely illegal in Kuwait. Anyone caught with marijuana can be fined up to $2,000 Kuwaiti Dollars or sentenced to up to two years in jail. This is a higher sentence than most of the rest of the world, but unfortunately in line with both the relatively harsh nature of Kuwait’s criminal justice system and Middle Eastern punishments for marijuana use and possession. Kuwaiti law also goes further, with the broadly worded section 207 of their penal code, which notes that individuals can be punished with a seven year jail sentence of $7,000 fine for the crime of “making it easier for another person to use drugs.” This facilitation clause is relatively rare in the rest of the world. Harsher drug crimes – such as the possession of harder drugs or major trafficking/intent to sell violations – can be punished with the death penalty. Kuwait remains one of the only nations in the world which still has a death penalty for non-violent crimes, including drug smuggling. As you would expect given their harsh stance towards marijuana, CBD use in the country is also illegal.

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