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by in CBD Information December 2, 2019

Times have changed dramatically when it comes to the legalization of cannabis and CBD across the world. As recently as fifteen years ago, cannabis was barely for use legal anywhere, for any reason. Now, however, dozens of countries have taken steps to legalize the drug for in some way.

However, the wave of legalization which has swept over much of the world has not hit all regions evenly. While many areas of North America and western Europe have seen major strides towards decriminalization, medical marijuana and full legalization, other areas have not moved. With very few exceptions (mainly Israel), this is the case in the Middle East, where harsh criminal penalties and charges remain in place for anyone caught illegally using cannabis. Such is the case in Iraq, where despite the country’s long history with hemp and cannabis, use of cannabis remains completely illegal.

History of Cannabis in Iraq

Evidence suggests that there is a multi-century history of Iraqi residents consuming cannabis, with the drug apparently being introduced to the country way back in 1230 CE. Furthermore, hemp fibers were found in Iraq which date all the way back to 8000 BC, making Iraq one of the first countries which appears to have manufactured or used hemp. As can be seen, it’s very warm climate clear did not stop the production of hemp, and the crop was regularly grown in the country.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis & CBD in Iraq

All cannabis use is illegal in Iraq, including any efforts to cultivate or transport marijuana, or use it for recreational or medicinal purposes. There are no exceptions to this rule. At the moment, it also appears that there are no ongoing efforts by the Iraqi government to relax these rules, and no major public opinion upsurge in favor of doing the same. As such, it appears likely that these laws will be in place for the foreseeable future.

As you would likely expect, given the lack of any sort of wiggle room for cannabis use, CBD is also illegal in Iraq. This lines up with CBD’s legal status in the rest of the Middle East, as it appears that CBD is illegal in every country in the region. Furthermore, there do not appear to be any exceptions for CBD use based on whether or not it has THC. Since CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it is completely illegal.

Fortunately for Iraqi authorities, there have been few (if any) reports of marijuana being grown in the country. However, according to some marijuana websites, marijuana is relatively easy to get in the country, partially as a result of the active presence of many United States soldiers and contractors.

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