History of CBD and Cannabis In Iowa

by in CBD Information November 13, 2019

There is nothing clear-cut when it comes to laws surrounding CBD and marijuana use in Iowa. Even the laws regarding the production of hemp aren’t entirely clear in the state. The truth is, most people who try to wrap their heads around Iowa marijuana and CBD laws are going to end up with a very large big headache. You might think that the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill would have cleared things up. Unfortunately, it’s all just as confusing as ever.

What Is the History of CBD Laws in Iowa?

Traditionally, anything and everything associated with cannabis has been illegal throughout the state. That includes hemp. Even though industrial hemp does not contain enough THC to get anyone high, it was banned for decades because hemp is part of the cannabis family. Despite the fact that it could produce a great deal of revenue for the state, not to mention providing products that could potentially help people with certain physical and mental health conditions, it’s been considered illegal. The same is true for CBD, as it’s extracted from either the hemp or the marijuana plant. Of course, marijuana has been illegal for years. 

In a state where industrial hemp is considered illegal, there is virtually no way marijuana will be legalized for any reason. It’s important to remember that Iowa has always prided itself on being extremely conservative. Therefore, the very idea of legalizing anything in the cannabis family has caused concern for lawmakers.

What Are the Current Laws in the State?

Currently, the 2018 Farm Bill has made it legal to grow and sell industrial hemp in every state in the country. Therefore, it is now legal to grow hemp in Iowa, as the federal law supersedes state laws on the matter. However, that doesn’t mean that CBD and marijuana are legal, too. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Iowa is one of the last hold-outs in legalizing CBD use. Long after most other states have legalized it, CBD was still considered a controlled substance in Iowa. Possessing it meant the possibility of significant jail time. It almost seems ludicrous that something as seemingly benign as CBD would be considered a controlled substance, but that’s the situation many in Iowa faced for years. 

There was one exception. Approximately one thousand people statewide possessed special certification from a physician which allowed them to purchase and use CBD legally. For everyone else, having CBD was the same thing as possessing cocaine, at least as far as the state lawmakers were concerned. Currently, it’s legal to possess CBD lotions, oils and creams as long as they’re hemp-based. Anything that can be ingested is still illegal, as is anything containing THC.

The laws in Iowa are so far removed from many other states that they are somewhat alarming. It just goes to show how much the laws on CBD and marijuana can vary from one state to another. Moreover, it’s highly unlikely that anything will really change until the federal laws change in the United States. In the meantime, those who could potentially benefit from CBD and medical marijuana have no choice but to move or wait things out.

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