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Over the past fifteen years, countries across the world have taken a more liberal stance when it comes to marijuana legalization and decriminalization. That movement is gaining momentum, and these days, it seems as if you can’t turn on the news without hearing more about countries which are making it easier for people to use the compound.

Much of this progressive shift has been in North America and western Europe, but even there, that shift has not been uniform. Such is the case in Iceland. While marijuana use is still illegal, possession of small amounts has been largely decriminalized. Furthermore, public opinion and prominent figures have argued that the country needs to further legalize the drug; as such, it seems that the country may be ripe for future change.

History of Cannabis Use in Iceland

One of the more interesting things about Iceland’s history with cannabis is just how late they were to banning the substance: This occurred in 1969, when the ban was added to existing regulation. The ban itself was then formally legislated in 1974. This is interesting because most countries moved to ban marijuana use in the 1920s or 1930s, implying that anti-marijuana sentiment in Iceland may not be as strong as it is in other countries.

That sentiment is certainly prevalent in Iceland’s population: According to a survey, 18.3% of Iceland’s population uses the drug on a recreational basis, giving it one of the highest rates of marijuana consumption in the entire world. Furthermore, it has been noted by multiple reports that marijuana production and use is particularly heavy in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The same reports say that it is possible that marijuana production has actually overtaken the production of foreign imports. However, since the business remains underground and illegal, major problems remain for people who are involved in its production.

In two 2019 social media posts, the country’s former first lately, Dorrit Moussaieff, called for the legalization of marijuana and used related hashtags.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis & CBD

All forms of marijuana remain banned in Iceland. This includes any sort of recreational use, cultivation, possession or sale. However, first arrests for possession are likely to result in the imposition of a major fine (roughly $550), rather than jail time. Jail sentences are more likely in the event of multiple arrests, trafficking or intent to sell. Reports also indicate that Icelandic customs officials are particularly vigilant for foreigners who attempt to bring marijuana into the country.

Iceland does not currently have any sort of formal, established medical marijuana program, although some Doctors may prescribe drugs which contain marijuana, like Sativex.

Given the country’s relatively strict laws when it comes to marijuana, it will likely come as no surprise to learn that CBD is still considered illegal in the country. This information comes directly from a Facebook post by Iceland’s police.

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