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Throughout the world, marijuana is becoming more and more accepted and legal. This change in public opinion has largely been isolated to the past fifteen years, but seems to be becoming more and more prevalent, as people realize that the drug is safer than originally thought to be and that limited law enforcement dollars are better spent elsewhere. While outright legalization of marijuana is still relatively rare, many countries have taken half-steps towards this direction with the legalization of medical marijuana or decriminalizing its use for first-time arrests.

That is not to say that this has happened worldwide, and in many cases, countries remain locked in to prohibition. Such is the case in Guyana, a small nation of roughly 760,000 people located on the northern tip of South America.

History of Cannabis in Guyana

Guyana, like many South African nations, has a long history when it comes to cannabis use. It’s story is largely similar to other places in that the drug was first brought to the country by sailors who traded there. It was first made illegal by British rulers in 1861, when the country passed ordinances to do so. Cannabis has remained illegal since that time.

The growth of the Rastafarian religion – which holds marijuana to be a critical component of numerous rituals – has created some tension in the country. In 2015, football player Vibert Butts was arrested for possession of marijuana; Butts was sentenced to three years in jail for marijuana possession, which he claimed was part of his “cultural practices.” Rastafarians protested outside of the Attorney General’s office to protest the arrest.

Reports of use of marijuana in the country are relatively low, with a 2006 United Nations reports indicating that only 2.6% of individuals in the country had used the drug that year. This is a relatively low number when compared to other places. Additional reports indicate that, while cannabis is cultivated in the country, that cultivation is largely kept for domestic purposes.

Current Legal Status & Availability of Cannabis in CBD in Guyana

All forms of marijuana production and sale are illegal in Guyana, including its use for any recreational, medical or religious purposes. As one might expect given the country’s prohibitions against marijuana, CBD appears to be illegal in the country.

However, as noted above, cannabis is cultivated in the country. Reports indicate that the drug is relatively easy to acquire, as police coverage is spotty and the police are often attempting to deal with more serious problems. Like many other places, marijuana is more easily available in major cities.

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