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by in CBD Information November 29, 2019

Cannabis legalization has become relatively common place of late, and occurred at a remarkable pace. Indeed, marijuana has turned into big business, generating billions of dollars and thousands of jobs across the world. This has occurred thanks to a relatively dramatic shift in public opinion in favor of more tolerant and open policies.

Many of these changes have occurred in North America and Europe, and Greece is no exception. Despite its long history with the drug – and prohibition of it – Greece has moved towards a more tolerant marijuana policy in the past few years.

History with Marijuana

Greece has a long history with marijuana, with some historians believing that it was used in ancient Greece to treat pain and inflammation, in addition to hemp’s use as a fiber. While marijuana use was outlawed in the 1890s, the prohibition was believed to be largely inconsequential, and many still used marijuana. It’s use waxed and waned over time, with returning World War I soldiers bringing the drug to the country.

From a cultural perspective, marijuana related websites have noted that Greek policemen typically don’t go out of their way to arrest people for smoking marijuana. However, if they catch you, you will be arrested. Furthermore, while marijuana laws are more liberal than they used to be, being caught with marijuana will still result in an arrest. While jail time isn’t likely for the first offense, you can be fined and an arrest will result in a criminal record.

The same websites note that marijuana is relatively easy to obtain in more populated parts of the country, such as Athens.

Current Legal Status of Marijuana & CBD

Greece took its first major step towards marijuana reform in June 2017, when the government announced that medical marijuana was legal, with the country’s Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipiras, announcing that Greece was “turning the page” when it came to its marijuana policies. That law was expanded less than a year later, in March 2018, when the country’s parliament passed legislation which allowed for medical cannabis to be grown and processed in the country.

Marijuana is turning into a major business investment, with recent legal changes expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in investment. Given the general problems of the Greek economy, this would seem to make it more likely that legalization will occur. Other economists have noted that it’s climate, as well as location as a pathway between Europe and the Middle East, would seem to make it a natural marijuana hub.

Regulatory changes in Greece have ensured that CBD is legal in the country, provided that the drug contains less than .2% THC. These same changes have also made it so that hemp is legal to grow for these purposes, another sign that Greece is moving towards a more tolerant culture when it comes to CBD.

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