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Large swaths of the world have seen a surprising trend over the past fifteen years: An increased movement towards marijuana legalization. This trend has occurred as more and more countries have realized that marijuana is safer than they realized, as public opinion has shifted in favor of more tolerance towards the drug, and as more and more individuals have realized that limited law enforcement resources would be better spent in other areas.

That is not to say that this change in public opinion has occurred uniformly across the world. For example, while a few countries in Africa have moved towards more liberal marijuana policies, most have not, largely reflecting their colonial laws. Such is the case in Gabon, a country of roughly 2.1 million people located in western Africa.

History and Availability of Cannabis in Gabon

Like many places in Africa, cannabis was introduced to Gabon in 1910 by European trades. It was made illegal at some point after that.

However, like many countries which have not yet legalized cannabis, marijuana appears to be widely available in the country. According to online reports, marijuana is heavily cultivated in the country, despite legal prohibitions against doing so: The drug is cultivated in 7 of the 9 provinces in the country for commercial, recreational and traditional uses. These were not just at-home cultivation of a few plants, either, with the presence of “large” plantations being noted.

As you would expect, given the heavy degree of cultivation in the country, cannabis is relatively easily available. However, police in Gabon have been noted for attempting to crack down on the drug trade, and 50% of all drug-related arrests in the country come from cannabis. While marijuana is available, it is also illegal, and individuals caught attempting to purchase the drug will likely face arrest. Furthermore, police are known for setting up roadblocks, checkpoints and other inspections throughout the country, and they do check for illegal contraband – like marijuana.

All of this is to say that police do not turn a blind eye towards marijuana use in Gabon.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis and CBD in Gabon

Cannabis in all forms is illegal in Gabon. This includes recreational and medical. Furthermore, the drug has not been decriminalized as it has in other places; jail of up to six months is possible for individuals caught possessing marijuana, with heavier sentences likely for further possession, sale or trafficking.

Unsurprisingly, CBD is also illegal in Gabon. This lines Gabon’s CBD laws up with much of the rest of Africa.

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