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There is no doubt about the current popularity of legalization for marijuana: It is on the upswing in a big way, with numerous countries moving towards more progressive cannabis and CBD laws. This is as a result of changes in attitudes when it comes to law enforcement, politics, culture and science.

Some sections of the world are better known for their marijuana tolerance than others, and one primary example of this is northern Europe, which is known for their relatively pro-cannabis and marijuana culture. Finland, despite some quirks to their laws, is no exception, with the country steadily moving in a more liberal direction and public opinion seeming to support this change.

While recreational marijuana remains illegal in Finland, the debate is moving in a more liberal direction, with conversations about decriminalization starting barely a month ago in the face of overwhelming public support.

Legal Status of Cannabis in Finland

Recreational marijuana remains illegal in Finland, although many personal use cases are usually simply given small summary fines.

Medical marijuana was first legalized in 2008; however, that legalization has been relatively small. At the moment, medical marijuana is only available in Finland on a “case by case” basis. This means that patients interested in obtaining medical marijuana have to go through an extremely rigorous approval process, one which dramatically limits the availability of the drug to those with the most resources or who are able to show the most tenacity.

At the moment, only 27 Finnish pharmacies have the right to prescribe marijuana to patients. In 2014, only 223 patients had valid prescriptions. However, on the plus side, these prescriptions can be covered by health insurance.

Recent Developments

The public has become increasingly vocal about favoring more liberal marijuana policies. Finland allows for the consideration of certain legal proposals if backers of a law can get 50,000 signatures. As a result, more than 50,000 people signed a petition to decriminalize the possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana and the cultivation of up to four plants. The movement behind the petition framed the argument as one of making it easier to reduce the damage associated with criminalizing marijuana.

It is important to note that this is not full legalization.

CBD in Finland

As you would expect given the country’s relative tolerance of marijuana, CBD is legal in Finland. Indeed, the country appears to have been one of the first in the European Union to push for a more relaxed stance on CBD, making it easier to purchase and sell in the country.

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