History of CBD and Cannabis in Eritrea

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Many countries throughout the world have seen a major shift over the past fifteen years: An increased movement towards marijuana legalization after many decades of prohibition and enforcement. This has happened as more and more places throughout the world have realized that prohibitions against marijuana are usually ineffective and only encourage corruption, addiction and provide fuel for black markets. Public opinion has also shifted, and favoring legalization of marijuana has moved from a fringe position to a relatively popular one.

However, in many cases, these changes are tied to certain regions of the world (such as western Europe and North America); in many places, prohibition remains the norm. With a very few exceptions, such is the case in Africa. It’s certainly still the case in Eritrea, an impoverished country located in northeastern Africa. Marijuana is still prohibited there, but the poor state of the nation has led to rampant corruption and ineffective enforcement of their marijuana laws.

History & Availability of Cannabis in Eritrea

Eritrea, like many countries in eastern Africa, has a long history with cannabis, and not in a good way. East African nations are often a hot spot for drug trafficking as a result of their closeness to the sea and serve as transit routes for numerous illegal drugs, and Eritrea appears to be no exception to this rule.

Unfortunately, there are numerous reports of police in Eritrea being corrupt as a result of the country’s overwhelming rates of poverty and a lack of pay for local police. As such, while marijuana use is illegal, arrest may be avoided with a well-placed bribe. This also leads to the possibility of being shaken down by the police.

As is par for the course in many nations, marijuana is cultivated in many places in the country, despite the fact that it is illegal. However, it appears that much of this cultivation is for domestic or personal use.

At the moment, there are no reports of any effort to change or reform Eritrea’s marijuana laws.

Legal Status of Cannabis & CBD in Eritrea

Marijuana use and cultivation are completely illegal in Eritrea. However, as noted above, the country has acknowledged that it has a major drug trafficking problem. Furthermore, the country’s judicial system and law enforcement arms have not been able to adequately stop these issues.

While its use is illegal, the country has not published any statistics relating to arrests, fines or treatment given for marijuana arrests. As such, it is difficult to determine just what happens to someone after they are arrested, although numerous reports indicate that simply bribing the local police will often get someone out of trouble.

Like much of the rest of Africa, CBD possession is not legal in Eritrea.

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