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The entire world, it seems, is undergoing a massive liberalization when it comes to cannabis and CBD laws. Twenty years ago, the notion of being able to purchase both on the commercial or medical market was virtually unheard of. However, today, this is the case in large sections of the world.

This wave of easier access to cannabis and CBD has not occurred everywhere; indeed, it seems largely concentrated in sections of North America and western Europe. However, one place where it has (mostly) occurred is Denmark, which has decriminalized marijuana and made it available for medical purposes (although not recreational). However, CBD is legal in the country.

Cannabis: What is Legal and What is Illegal

While not as legal in Denmark as it is in other places, Denmark has a long history of relatively liberal laws when it comes to cannabis.

Possession of less than .35 ounces can result in a small fine or warning, and no arrest or jail time – in other words, possession of small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized in Denmark. However, possession of higher amounts of cannabis can result in an arrest, jail time, fines or orders to begin treatment.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Denmark since 2011, when three drugs were allowed to be prescribed for the treatment of pain and nausea in cancer patients. However, in 2018, the country created a four year pilot program for medical marijuana. The program saw immediate growth in 2018, growing at rates which were faster than expected, and leading to some supply problems, price increases and black market sales.

The legalization of medical marijuana also resulted in 23 applicants within the country to grow marijuana (April 2019), with more expected as demand for marijuana increased.

Perhaps in light of these relatively liberal laws, Denmark has a high percentage of marijuana users, with 1/3 of the country’s adult residents admitting to have tried marijuana. Only one other country, France, reported higher average use.

Furthermore, the neighborhood of Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen has long acquired a reputation for unofficial tolerance of marijuana use and possession – even while it remains technically illegal in the area.

CBD in Denmark

Given its more liberal attitudes when it comes to cannabis, it is probably unsurprising to learn that CBD is legal in Denmark. This is not a blanket statement, and all CBD commercially sold must contain less than .2% THC. Furthermore, the CBD must be legal under the regulations set forth by the European Food Safety Authority, which dictates how the CBD can be made and marketed.

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