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There is no question about the worldwide trends when it comes to CBD and Cannabis: Both are becoming legal in more and more places. This has occurred as traditional views towards marijuana have liberalized, and as more and more scientific research has demonstrated the potential health benefits of CBD.

Much of the legalization of of CBD has occurred in North America and Europe, but this is by no means a uniform statement. Furthermore, many countries have taken smaller measures and moved partially in the direction of full legalization. Such is the case in the Czech Republic, where the country has decriminalized marijuana use for the past nine years while also making some forms of medical marijuana available. However, as of yet, it has not fully legalized cannabis. At the same time, the country has legalized the purchase of CBD.

Marijuana Laws in the Czech Republic

Unlike many counties, the Czech Republic’s relatively liberal marijuana laws stretch back to the over a decade ago.

The Czech Republic first decriminalized marijuana effective January 2010. With the new rules, individuals who were caught with up to ten grams of marijuana (or up to five plants) would be subjected to a fine.While possession of small amounts of marijuana is not a criminal penalty, it is a civil one, and can result in the implementation of a small fine.

Possession of higher amounts of marijuana could result in a jail sentence of up to a year, and possession of enough marijuana to traffic or sell the drug could result in a maximum sentence of 18 years in jail.

Medical marijuana was legalized by an overwhelming vote of the Czech Republic’s legislature in 2012 (162-7 in the Chamber of Deputies, 67-2 in the Senate), with the law coming into effect in 2013.

Physicians can prescribe marijuana, and the drug was imported for the first year. However, individuals must have qualifying conditions (including HIV, multiple sclerosis and cancer) and find a doctor who can then prescribe the marijuana. Supply has been an issue, as only one domestic supplier is currently producing marijuana in the country; the rest of the supply is imported. Furthermore, marijuana is not covered by health insurance. As such, the drug can be extremely expensive, thus cutting off access to only those who have the means to make the purchase.

According to other sources, marijuana is relatively easy to obtain in the country despite the fact that it is illegal. This ease of access has led some to note that the Czech Republic has a relatively “prevalent cannabis culture.”

CBD laws in the Czech Republic

CBD is legal for commercial purchase in the Czech Republic. However, the CBD must have less than .3% THC, a slightly higher amount than the .2% which is generally considered legal throughout the rest of the European Union.

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