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There’s no question about the wave of progressive attitudes which have travelled across the world when it comes to the increasing legalization of marijuana and CBD. Dozens of countries have liberalized their laws when it comes to both of these products, although this liberalization has often occurred in partial steps or half-measures which appear to move each country down the path of full legalization.

Such is the case in Cyprus, a small island nation located in the Mediterranean. In recent years, the country has legalized medical cannabis and CBD use. However, prison sentences are still possible for all levels of cannabis possession, and recreational use of cannabis is not legal.

Legal Status of Cyprus

From a recreational perspective, marijuana use in Cyprus remains illegal. First time violators will likely face a small fine, though a prison sentence may be possible. Fines are likely to be reduced depending on the amount of marijuana the individual in question is found to have, overall attitude and whether or not the individual makes a confession.

Cyprus’ attitude towards marijuana is more progressive in at least one sense: Individuals must complete a six month rehabilitation program, or they face a higher fine. This is a relatively unique feature when it comes to marijuana sentencing.

Cyprus legalized medical marijuana in 2017. In 2019, the medical marijuana program was substantially expanded. The law explicitly legalized the cultivation of marijuana in Cyprus. It was believed that such an expansion would not only increase patient access, but would also assist in the creation of an entire new industry in Cyprus. Estimates held that Cyprus could produce up to £204 million on an annual basis, thus potentially expanding the country’s economy. Cyprus hot climate is also considered ideal for the growth of marijuana.

The liberalization came in the face of the European Union moving towards a more liberal direction when it came to marijuana and was in the process of establishing a legal framework for medical cannabis.

Under the new process, individuals who had marijuana prescribed to them by a specialist could receive it from a pharmacist.

CBD use in Cyprus

CBD is legal to purchase in Cyprus. The CBD must contain less than .2% THC, which is in line with the THC content throughout much of the rest of Europe. As long as the THC levels are below this amount, CBD is legal to purchase on a commercial basis.

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