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by in CBD Information November 22, 2019

The legalization of cannabis, including CBD, can often be both confusing and frustrating. That is largely because the laws regarding virtually any product made from cannabis vary a great deal from one country to another. In the United States, laws can vary dramatically from one state to the next, with little to no protection from the federal government.

Fortunately, things are not quite that confusing in Canada. In fact, the laws have recently changed throughout the country, something that many cannabis supporters are quite happy to see.

What Are the Historical Laws Regarding Cannabis in Canada?

During the 1930’s, cannabis was completely outlawed in Canada. It didn’t even matter if the form of cannabis in question was hemp, a product that contains levels of THC so low that they are virtually undetectable. At the time, it was considered a controlled substance and was therefore illegal. During the 1990’s, the country widely legalized the production of industrial hemp. This was largely because government officials began to realize the potential uses for hemp, not to mention the potential revenue it could generate for the entire country.

Things progressed a bit further a decade later when medical cannabis was legalized in Canada. It was also during this time that several individuals living in the United States sought asylum in Canada because they had been using marijuana for medical purposes and were in danger of being put in prison for doing so. To this day, there are several individuals who choose to remain in Canada due to its more open views on cannabis.

Is Marijuana Use Legal in Canada Today?

Late last year, the country made it legal to use recreational marijuana. It is no longer necessary to have a validated medical reason for consuming cannabis, as the law known as the Cannabis Act went into effect on October 17, 2018. Despite some initial confusion, this law set the stage for recreational marijuana use throughout Canada, something most citizens had been wanting for a number of years.

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