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by in CBD Information November 23, 2019

Bhutan is a small country in the southern part of Asia. Since Asia has varying laws regarding cannabis, it’s crucial to differentiate the laws for each individual country. It’s interesting to note that the country has some rather prolific laws regarding the use of cannabis even though it routinely grows in the wild there. In fact, it’s almost comical when you consider the fact that Bhutan officials widely refer to cannabis as an illegal product throughout the entire country. However, they have a difficult time guarding against its use because it does grow in the wild there, in rather large quantities. This makes it extremely difficult to regulate. As such, government officials have done some rather interesting things with the cannabis that grows there.

If Cannabis Grows In The Wild, Why Is It Still Illegal?

Even though cannabis plants are growing virtually all over the place in Bhutan, officials in the country consider it a controlled substance. Therefore, they have the power to arrest anyone who is caught with it in their possession, although these laws can be quite unclear. For instance, people routinely cultivate cannabis throughout the country for other reasons.

It might seem hard to believe at first, but cannabis is frequently used as a primary source of food for pigs throughout the country. That’s right, people frequently cultivate cannabis that is already growing in the wild and feed it to their pigs. They also use it to make textiles and then export those textiles to other countries. Therefore, it’s difficult to prosecute someone who has cannabis plants in their possession, as they can say that they’re using it to feed their pigs or make textiles and no one can really prove otherwise unless they’ve already processed that cannabis for personal use.

Is There A History Of Prosecuting People Caught With Cannabis?

Although the history is rather short, it does exist. The first prosecution on record for the possession of cannabis occurred in 1989, and since that time, there have been relatively few additional prosecutions. This is largely because of the reasons listed previously in this article.

That being said, officials can and do prosecute those who are caught with cannabis products which are clearly set aside for personal use. This includes both marijuana and cannabidiol, or CBD. Therefore, anyone caught using either of these products could face legal penalties. Officials in the country don’t always enforce these policies, but they certainly can if they choose to. For anyone who happens to be unlucky enough to be prosecuted, jail time could be involved.

Obviously, no one wants to go to jail, especially not if they’re using either marijuana or CBD for legitimate medicinal reasons. Nevertheless, the risk does exist in the country for anyone that chooses to use either of these products. Currently, the only thing that is legal is the cultivation of industrial hemp. However, most of those crops are immediately exported, as very few are kept in the country for use in that particular location.

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