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by in CBD Information November 23, 2019

Laws concerning any form of cannabis vary widely throughout the world. It seems odd that something that is perfectly legal in one country may be considered worthy of criminal charges in another. For anyone that’s interested in traveling to Belize, it’s important to know the laws there long before making the trip. In reality, this is true when traveling to any country. Knowing laws ahead of time can keep people out of trouble. In some cases, it can mean the difference between having an enjoyable trip or ending up in jail, possibly being forced to spend months or even years in a foreign country because of what amounts to nothing more than a simple mistake.

Is Cannabis Legal in Belize?

The truth of the matter is that cannabis has never been legal in Belize, nor does it look like there are any plans to legalize it in the future. The government there has made it clear that they don’t approve of people using marijuana, CBD or any other product made from cannabis. Despite that fact, almost 10 percent of the country’s native population uses cannabis in one form or another.

Furthermore, officials in the country made the decision to decriminalize personal possession of cannabis, including marijuana, after spending years trying to eradicate the product from its borders. Within the last couple of years, they have largely stopped prosecuting individuals who possess only small amounts of cannabis, usually less than 1.7 grams.

What Is the Outlook for Travelers Who Use Cannabis?

Despite the fact that the country has made the decision to decriminalize cannabis, travelers still have to use caution. Even after that decision was made, a person traveling to Belize was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana that was sold within the borders of the country. She was subsequently arrested and held for possession of a controlled substance. Eventually, she was released and allowed to leave the country, but it was undoubtedly a scary experience. Even more concerning, that decision could have easily gone either way.

This should serve as a word of warning to anyone traveling to Belize, especially if they are considering purchasing cannabis once they arrive in the country or bringing it with them when they travel. The latter option is something that can get people in a lot of trouble, even when traveling to countries where cannabis has been legalized. This is because most countries have issues with any substance of this type being brought into its borders from another country. Therefore, travelers should seriously consider the potential repercussions if they’re caught with cannabis. The best bet is to leave it at home when traveling to Belize.

The most important thing to remember here is that there is a big difference between decriminalization and legalization. Just because cannabis has been decriminalized doesn’t mean that it’s legal. Even if officials in Belize don’t make a habit out of prosecuting people who are caught with cannabis, whether that be marijuana or CBD, they always have the legal option of doing so. In reality, the decriminalization has done nothing but further muddy the waters concerning the legality of cannabis in Belize, especially as it relates to CBD.

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