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CBD Oil In Belgium

There is no question about it: Public sentiment, scientific evidence and legal policy are all evolving when it comes to cannabis and CBD. Twenty years ago, neither were legal in the vast, vast majority of the world, but culture and politics have evolved. As a result, CBD and cannabis are legal in more places than ever before, although that change has largely been confined to North America and Western Europe.


One example of such a place is Belgium, which has a relatively relaxed culture when it comes to marijuana, cannabis and CBD, one which dates back to 2003. Since that time, the government has worked to liberalize its marijuana policy.

History of Cannabis in Belgium

Belgium has outlawed the use and sale of cannabis since 1921. Prior to this time, Belgium did farm and produce much of its own hemp; however, like many other nations, the country’s agriculture moved on from that hemp production.


However, the country began moving in a more liberalized direction when it came to their cannabis policy, and while this 1921 law was never repealed, it was modified to allow for additional use and reduced policies.


Those changed policies began in 2003, when the possession of up to five grams of marijuana was decriminalized. Adults over the age of 18 who were caught with small amounts of marijuana could be given small fines, but no jail time, essentially treating marijuana possession like it was a traffic ticket. However, additional arrests could result in heavier fines or jail time. In 2005, Belgium altered this directive so that other aggravating circumstances – such as smoking in public or near a school – could be punished with heavier fines.


Medical marijuana was next in Belgium, and that was legalized in 2015. If a patient has been approved for the country’s medical marijuana program, individuals are allowed to grow their own marijuana – up to three grams. However, that marijuana must have less than .2% THC.


Only certain Doctors (who have been appropriately trained and certified) can prescribe medical marijuana in the country, so no marijuana card is needed from patients. Qualifying conditions are very similar to the conditions of marijuana in other countries, including AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis and seizure disorders.

Legal Status of CBD in Belgium

Interestingly enough, despite its relatively liberal history when it comes to cannabis use, CBD appears not to be legal in Belgium. This is because the governing law over cannabis – the 1921 Drug Law – holds that no amount of the cannabis plant or its extracts can be purchased commercially. However, CBD can be prescribed as part of the country’s medical marijuana program.

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