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by in CBD Information November 23, 2019

Each country makes its own decisions when it comes to the legality, or lack thereof, of cannabis. In some countries, it’s completely legal and various forms of cannabis, including marijuana, are legal for medicinal as well as recreational use. The important thing is to know what the laws are in each individual country, especially if you’re planning to move to the area or you decide to travel there. Some countries still have extremely strict laws regarding the use of cannabis, even when the THC content is extremely low. That is the case in Belarus.

Is Cannabis Really Illegal in Belarus?

Historically, cannabis has been illegal in the country for several years. While many other countries throughout Europe have relaxed the laws regarding the use of cannabis, Belarus has chosen to maintain extremely strict policies that have been in place for decades. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that officials there plan on relaxing these laws. Quite the opposite is true.

Government officials seem to be adamant about maintaining these strict regulations and preventing anyone within the borders of Belarus from using cannabis, regardless of the circumstances at hand. Therefore, no one is allowed to possess cannabis in any form, even if there isn’t enough THC in the product to be detected.

Does This Include CBD?

Belarus is one of the countries that considers CBD to be just as much of a controlled substance as marijuana. Therefore, it isn’t legal to consume nor possess CBD in any location inside Belarus’ borders. Anyone who is caught with CBD is likely to face stiff legal action, including jail time and extremely prohibited financial penalties. This serves as a deterrent for anyone who might consider consuming CBD and it also limits any availability of the product to the black market.

Of course, those who are bold enough may decide to purchase CBD products online but there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so without getting caught. Since the legal penalties are so strict for anyone who is caught, many people simply aren’t willing to risk the consequences. Even those who have a bona fide medical need for CBD are prohibited from possessing it.

What About Hemp?

Believe it or not, even industrial hemp is it illegal in the country. Industrial hemp is frequently used to make a number of different products. While it is often used to make CBD, hemp is also found in products ranging from lotions to jewelry and virtually everything in between. Currently, it’s not legal to cultivate industrial hemp in the country. However, there does seem to be some indication that this could potentially change in the near future, largely because the country has started to realize the potential economic benefit from doing so.

If officials in Belarus legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp, could there be changes in the laws surrounding the possession of cannabis later on down the road? The opportunity for these laws to change always exists, as it does in virtually every other location throughout the world. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be any sign that officials would relax their penalties on any form of cannabis use even if they do make the decision to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp, at least not at this time.

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