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by in CBD Information November 21, 2019

Across the world, it seems as if a wave of change is coming when it comes to cannabis and CBD laws. Both have seen a slew of legalization efforts, laws which have changed as a result of increasingly liberal attitudes towards cannabis and a general recognition that CBD has potential scientific benefits. As a result, much of America and western Europe has seen more and more openness

Of course, those changes are not occurring across the world, and many countries continue to have strict laws against marijuana and CBD consumption and sales, even for medicinal purposes. One such place is the country of Andorra, which is actually a small principality located just north of Spain. Despite the wave of legalization which has occurred around it, Andorra has not budged its stance on marijuana.

Marijuana in Andorra

It is important to recognize that Andorra is a very, very small country, with a population of a mere 76,117 in 2017. It is, however, a tourist destination, seeing more than ten million tourists on an annual basis. As such, the country has a vested financial interest in treating all of its visitors fairly and ensuring that it’s punishments are not too severe.

Regardless, all forms of marijuana are illegal in Andorra. This includes cultivation, transportation, medical or recreational use. This, of course, hasn’t stopped people from using marijuana in the country, and an estimated 14.6% of the country’s residents used marijuana in the past year.

However, according to some travel websites, this legal status does not stop people from using marijuana in the country, with Lonely Planet referred to its use as “widespread.” It also notes that someone captured with a small amount of marijuana may simply be warned or given a fine, but possession of larger amounts of drugs or hard drugs may result in more serious charges.

CBD in Andorra

There is a lack of clarity about the current legal state of CBD’s legality in Andorra. At the moment, no clear information is available. It is completely or partially legal in surrounding countries, including Spain, Portugal or France. However, given that Andorra has a rather conservative attitude towards marijuana in general, it is safer to assume that CBD is not legal in Andorra, even if it is being used for medical purposes.

Regardless, the current state that has not stopped certain websites from shipping CBD, with at least one website offering to do so.

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