History of CBD and Cannabis: American Samoa

by in CBD Information November 14, 2019

If you’re planning on visiting American Samoa in the near future, you might want to leave your CBD at home. Laws are very straightforward when it comes to marijuana use in the region but their stance on CBD is still surprising. It is completely illegal to use either marijuana or CBD and there are no exceptions. 

Currently, the lawmakers in the area don’t even allow industrial hemp to be produced, largely due to fears about it creating a desire for additional drug use. According to these same lawmakers, the most widespread drug problem in American Samoa is marijuana. Therefore, they don’t want to legalize anything that could potentially be perceived as a relaxation of penalties associated with marijuana use.

Are Things Really That Strict There?

Recently, a man landed in American Samoa with CBD in his possession. It’s important to note here that it was indeed CBD, not marijuana, that he was carrying in his luggage. However, when he got off the airplane and went through the airport, he was stopped by officials and his luggage searched. When they found the CBD, they arrested him and charged him with possession of illegal drugs. The argument made was that CBD and marijuana are closely linked. Therefore, they saw no difference between marijuana and CBD, ultimately charging him for having a controlled substance in his possession. 

It’s true that CBD and marijuana do both come from cannabis. In fact, CBD can be extracted from either the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. When derived from hemp, there is virtually no THC in CBD. However, that clearly doesn’t stop some lawmakers from taking things to the extreme when CBD is found.

Are These Laws Likely to Change?

There are hopes that they will eventually change. However, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. The truth is, the penalties that are exacted against those in possession of CBD are among the most severe in the modern world. In an age when most of the United States and the United Kingdom have decided that CBD is legal, American Samoa is still holding onto the idea that virtually anything and everything derived from cannabis should be illegal, regardless of the situation. 

Currently, the best thing you can do if you plan on taking a trip there is leave the CBD and the medical marijuana at home. Otherwise, you may end up joining the gentleman that was arrested for having CBD in his luggage.

It’s unfortunate that lawmakers still attach such a stigma to CBD and marijuana. Much research has been conducted that suggests that cannabis could potentially help individuals who suffer from a number of different conditions. If someone can be helped by something so simple, all without the need for potentially dangerous prescription medications, it only seems to make sense to legalize it. 

Unfortunately, that is likely to be an uphill battle in many places around the world. American Samoa is no exception. Until the laws are updated, anyone who travels there while in possession of CBD is in danger of being arrested.

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