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CBD and cannabis laws have become liberalized across the world, as more and more countries reexamine the science and determine that the prohibition against cannabis simply isn’t worth the resources expended in the area. CBD laws have become even more liberal, as policy makers increasingly note the potential benefits of CBD while also realizing that it is different than cannabis.

While much of this liberalization has had America and Europe, that is not a uniform trend. A great example of this is Albania, a country with a long history of both cannabis use and cannabis prohibition.

History of Cannabis in Albania

Despite the prohibition against cannabis in Albania, the country has a long and storied history with cannabis. In 2016, a BBC story referred to the country as “Europe’s outdoor cannabis capital,” while other articles referred to Albania has “Europe’s Columbia.”

The country produces more cannabis than any other nation in the continent. According to the article, cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry in Albania. The country’s law enforcement is not paid well and easily susceptible to bribes, a common practice which allows marijuana to be grown in the relative open. As one would expect given this circumstance, corruption and unemployment remain two massive problems in Albania, causing the marijuana market to flourish.

This is not to say that the country has taken no action against marijuana. There have been major busts in the marijuana market, including a massive one in 2013 in the village of Lazarat which may have decreased the market by as much as 30%. However, overall, the black market in Albania remains strong, with the neighboring country of Italy serving as one of the main purchasers of cannabis in Albania.

Cannabis production was always popular in Albania but particularly accelerated after the fall of communism, when criminal organizations took advantage of the new openness of the country to attempt to grow cannabis.

Some estimates have said that the marijuana market is responsible for $4 billion in economic activity in the country, which is nearly half of the country’s overall GDP.

Cannabis Laws in Albania

Despite the near openness of cannabis production in Albania, all forms of marijuana are illegal in the country. This includes medical marijuana, which has not yet made it into Albania. It is also illegal to transport marijuana.

CBD Laws in Albania

Given the strict prohibition against marijuana and the country’s attempts to stop their black market, it is probably no surprise to learn that CBD is illegal in the country. Other sources have said that personal use of CBD is okay, but given the country’s strong prohibition against marijuana and their recent actions, it is safer to assume that CBD is not legal for any purposes.

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