History of CBD and Cannabis: Alaska

by in CBD Information November 14, 2019

Is CBD legal in Alaska? What about marijuana? Is hemp even legal in the state? You might think that with all the talk surrounding CBD and medical marijuana recently, these things would be clear-cut. If that is indeed what you are thinking, you would be wrong. As it happens, there is absolutely nothing clear-cut about the laws in Alaska. In fact, the more you try to discern what’s legal and what’s not, the more confusing the entire thing becomes.

Why Is There So Much Confusion Over the Laws in Alaska?

Much of it has to do with the fact that in the United States, you have to contend not only with federal laws, but also state laws. To further complicate matters, those laws change dramatically from one state to the next. When it comes to this particular subject matter, even lawmakers themselves don’t seem to be certain where the line should be drawn. Some of them want more regulation and some want to make everything illegal. Consumers want some type of government oversight that ensures quality and purity of ingredients. However, they don’t want more regulation when it comes to telling them what they can and cannot use. 

In Alaska, CBD is sold throughout the state but there are questions about its legality. That’s because they just recently signed a bill making it legal to grow hemp in the state. However, the bill is so new that there hasn’t been any time for local hemp to be cultivated and turned into CBD. Therefore, those who sell it have secured it from other states. 

Alaska officials argue that doing so renders it illegal. In short, the state could swoop in at any moment and penalize everyone who sells or buys CBD. If their laws are strict on something that has no ability whatsoever to get you high, imagine what they are like when it comes to marijuana.

Why Don’t They Just Legalize It and Move On?

For the most part, it all comes down to one thing- a lot of people still think CBD and marijuana are one and the same. Even though science has proven time and again that this is not the case, that is the mindset that many lawmakers still have. As far as they are concerned, anything that comes from cannabis must be bad. Many of them would have you believe that both marijuana and CBD are harmful. Moreover, these same individuals often think that the use of these products diminishes the very morals of society. 

Despite the fact that you can’t get high from using CBD, that is the reality of the situation in Alaska and many other states as well. CBD has the potential to be quite helpful. Many people use it to help combat pain, control neurological deficits, calm the mind and keep depression in check. The same is true for marijuana. It’s interesting that these products have been demonized when there is a bonafide opioid crisis happening in this country, yet those drugs are perfectly legal.

It’s hard to say how things will eventually sort themselves out. Hopefully, lawmakers will realize that the potential benefits of CBD warrant broad legalization. You might even say the same thing about marijuana. After all, there are certainly worse things that a person could be taking.

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