History of CBD and Cannabis: Ecuador

by in CBD Information November 22, 2019

Bordered by Columbia to the north and Peru to the south, Ecuador is no stranger to persistent local drug consumption, cultivation, and trafficking problems throughout the rural areas of the country.

Over the past handful of years, Ecuador has taken a harm reduction approach rather than a penalizing approach for nonviolent drug offenses. According to a 2008 addendum to the Constitution of Ecuador, drug use should not be considered a crime but merely a public health concern.

Although cannabis is not legal to sell, possessing quantities under 10 g is considered small enough for personal use, which is punishable. By September of 2019, the National Assembly opted to legalize cannabis for medical use by an 83 to 23 vote. This makes Ecuador one of the steadfast adopters of cannabis reform policy.

Cannabis, CBD, and Ecuador

Nowadays, it’s believed that cannabis decriminalization and legalization efforts will be spearheaded by South and Latin American countries. Due to the amenable humid climate of many South American countries, it may one day be possible for places like Ecuador to become exporters of medical marijuana.

By 2028, it’s projected that the entire legal Latin American cannabis industry will be worth 12.7 billion. Increasingly, places like Ecuador are realizing the enormous financial and social benefits of implementing statewide administration for setting up legal cannabis sales.

Ecuador’s steps toward legalization represents a big move for the rest of Latin America. If the new policies are successful, it would provide an example to neighboring countries for how to implement medical marijuana on a national level.

Currently, the government is discussing the full legalization of hemp-derived CBD products. The CBD market is booming throughout Ecuador, especially since law enforcement for CBD sales is incredibly lax in urban areas.

New law would finally fully codify the legal status of CBD, allowing government institutions relating to agriculture and health to vet products before they reach the market.

Ultimately, Ecuador is in a great position to build upon their already open attitude towards cannabis legalization. With rich ecosystems and coastal access, Ecuador has the unique ability to take advantage of international cannabis trade.

Moreover, Ecuador could fulfill the rising demand for marijuana, cannabis, and CBD in North America where climates are largely unsuitable for production.

With cannabis reform sitting at 65 percent support in major South American polls, it’s only a matter of time before we see a variegated geography of cannabis commerce all throughout the continent. It’s like Ecuador’s cannabis policies will be bolstered by recent movements in Peru, Columbia, and Venezuela.

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