History of CBD and Cannabis: Argentina

by in CBD Information November 20, 2019

Ever since a Supreme Court ruling in 2009, cannabis has been decriminalized for individual consumption in private areas. Culturally, marijuana use is very popular among Argentinian young adults.

Before the ruling was made, enforcement of cannabis possession penalties was relatively rare. It’s estimated that more than fifty percent of those aged under thirty have tried cannabis at least once.

As time has gone on, Argentinian officials have continued to soften their already lax stance towards cannabis. In 2017, the senate officially approved CBD oil for medical use despite not creating any legal framework where vendors could register to supply industrially approved CBD.

Some experts have criticized the lack of regulation in the state since consumers remain largely unprotected from malicious CBD or cannabis sellers.

Cannabis, CBD, and Argentina

It’s believed that cannabis became rapidly popularized throughout the twentieth century in Argentina. Following rising demand for marijuana in the United States, many youth started to turn to using the substance recreationally.

Following international pressure after World War II, Argentina started to restrict consumer access to cannabis and outright made possession illegal.

It would take another fifty years before the country started to look into legalizing cannabis. Flagging numbers of arrests by law enforcers signaled an increasing cultural acceptance of the substance throughout both the country and, more broadly, Latin America.

Within the past five years, Argentina has made huge strides in establishing a fully legal cannabis consumer market. Many officials now openly believe that legalization can decrease the power of drug traffickers while providing the state with a huge source of revenue.

Despite medical legalization in 2017, Argentina officials have yet to make any regulatory framework for the cultivation and sale of marijuana. It will require the cooperation of many departments, and perhaps the creation of a medicated cannabis institution, to see the policy become successfully implemented.

Currently, the legislature is working on evolving the 2017 legislation. The government is supporting efforts to fund CBD research in universities and private industry. One organization, known as the Institute of Seeds (INASE), has been tasked with regulating the development and cultivation of medical marijuana throughout the country.

Due in part to the slow movement of bureaucracy, demand has risen to an all time high throughout many parts of Argentina. Many patients in need have been driven to seek out marijuana from illegal sellers who continue to operate lucrative schemes.

Over the next few years, officials will need to work hard to develop a fully-fledged medical marijuana industry that functions completely legally. Although the unregulated market results in few unfair arrests, consumers are left in the dark about the safety of the products that they’re receiving from vendors.

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