History Of CBD And Cannabis: Antigua And Barbuda

by in CBD Information November 21, 2019
CBD oil in Antigua and Barbuda

Lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Antigua and Barbuda has a long history of consumer cannabis culture despite never becoming major producers. Currently, cannabis is considered technically illegal for recreational and medical use.

In March of 2018, cannabis was decriminalized. Although the amendment didn’t legalize cannabis, all penalties associated with possession and use have been suspended. Currently, legislative members are working towards a bill that would allow cannabis sales for qualified users.

It’s unclear whether or not cannabis will be available for medical use under new regulations. Recently, Prime Minister Gaston Browne stated that cannabis should be legalized in order to undercut the racist, political, and economic interests of global powers.

Cannabis In Antigua And Barbuda

Over the years, the islands have been ruled by different colonial powers that exercised independent rulings concerning cannabis use ever since the eighteenth century. Colonial powers typically enacted strict policies against any use of intoxicants, which led to complete criminalization of marijuana. In the middle of the twentieth century, Antigua and Barbuda became closely associated with the United Kingdom.

It was only in the eighties that the islands regained independent control from colonial powers. Since then, different ruling classes have strived to change the regulations for cannabis and hemp production, use, and distribution.

In recent times the islands have sought to reverse outdated policies. Decriminalization of marijuana presented the first big step towards a fully legal cannabis reform policy. Rather than passing new policy, the islands have gradually introducing amendments to the Misuse of Drugs act over the past three years.

Many officials are leaning towards full legalization since it could put the islands in a strategic economic position. Full legalization would increase tourism, local consumer economies, and support the struggling class of agriculturalists.

After formal decriminalization, legislators are attempting to legalize marijuana use and sale for specific purposes. Medical patients and those of Rastafari faith will be able to consume and buy cannabis. Additionally, cardholders will have the ability to cultivate a maximum of four marijuana plants at one time.

The islands policy towards cannabis represents a method that nations can employ to gradually enact political reform. Through first decriminalizing cannabis, countries may be able to increase the number of legal uses of high THC CBD and marijuana. Slowly, the islands are fully legalizing marijuana in a way that encourages the development of state-led infrastructure.

Antigua and Barbuda represent an interesting case of historic ties to cannabis. Colonial influences and indigenous populations have both significantly influenced the cannabis culture on the islands.

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