Is CBD Addictive?

Is CBD Addictive?

If you live in a country where it’s use is legal, you’ve probably noticed it: CBD has become incredibly popular. It’s popularity is largely based on its purported ability to help people address a slew of physical and emotional problems, something which millions of individuals appear to believe in. Furthermore, there is some scientific evidence which has found that CBD can be helpful in addressing these issues.

However, CBD is relatively new to the commercial scene, and while there is some scientific evidence which exists to demonstrate its effectiveness, more medical professionals agree that additional research is needed in order to ensure that CBD has no long-term negative effects. Specifically, research is needed to determine therapeutic doses, best strains, and what illnesses it is most beneficial at dealing with. 

Since CBD is new – and comes from the same type of plant marijuana does – many have questioned whether or not CBD is addictive before using. Thankfully, the evidence for this is clear.

So…Is CBD Addictive Or Not?

No. CBD is not addictive. While much research must be done into the effects of CBD, this much seems clear, and has been determined by no less a scientific body than the World Health Organization (WHO). In a 2017 report, the WHO explicitly found that CBD is not addictive. According to news articles on the report, the WHO found that CBD is safe, well-tolerated in humans and has no potential for addiction or abuse. CBD’s chemical composition prevents addiction.

A Lack Of Intoxication

It is important to note that CBD does not cause the same type of intoxication that marijuana does. A common misconception is that CBD can be addictive because it is from cannabis, similar to THC, but it is important to note that CBD is not, in fact, marijuana. Legal CBD comes from industrial hemp and both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis. 

However, hemp is not marijuana. Depending on the specific strain, industrial hemp either contains trace amounts or zero (an undetectable amount) THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical compound in marijuana commonly associated with intoxication). However, it is virtually impossible to become intoxicated by CBD. As a result, there is no “high” or euphoric state to which you can get addicted.

It is worth noting that there is already considerable debate within the scientific and medical community about whether or not it is even possible to get addicted to marijuana. While marijuana treatment options do exist, it’s worth noting that there is no treatment for CBD addiction. That’s because such an addiction does not exist.IO