CBD For Relief of Chronic Fatigue

by in CBD Information October 4, 2019

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, more commonly referred to as CFS, is a condition that involves much more than just feeling tired. There is a misconception that those who suffer with the disease are merely overworked or that they don’t get enough sleep. However, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, CFS is a complex disease that is difficult to accurately diagnose and equally difficult to treat successfully. Many people who have it go for years without receiving proper treatment. This is largely because the symptoms can be somewhat vague. 

These symptoms also have a tendency to be indicative of a wide range of other diseases. Therefore, getting a diagnosis usually involves a process of elimination. Recently, many people who suffer from CFS have started looking toward alternative forms of treatment in an attempt to get their lives back on track. One of the more popular treatments involves the use of CBD oil.

What are the Symptoms of CFS?

As previously mentioned, the symptoms associated with the disease can be ambiguous. People who have it typically feel excessively tired. This isn’t the tired feeling a healthy person gets after a long day or even following a sleepless night. It’s a crushing exhaustion that makes it feel difficult to simply put one foot in front of the other and it doesn’t go away, regardless of how much rest you get. 

Other symptoms include tenderness in the joints, sore muscles and general weakness. Many people have reported feeling similar to the way a healthy person would feel during a bout of the flu. Since the disease is so difficult to diagnose, it’s also challenging to treat. Currently, there is no specific treatment for the disease itself. Therefore, doctors end up treating the symptoms instead.

Can CBD Oil Help with Chronic Fatigue?

There is still a great deal of research concerning the use of CBD oil to fight chronic fatigue. The information that’s already known is promising. CBD oil has been used as a natural treatment for chronic pain and inflammation for a number of years. Many people also use it to boost their energy levels. 

Since pain, inflammation and fatigue are some of the hallmark symptoms of CFS, a number of people have turned to CBD oil as a treatment for the disease. It may not work for every person who tries it but it may provide more relief than many of the medications that are typically prescribed for CFS. There are also fewer reported side effects, making CBD oil an area of interest for those who are struggling to get on with their lives.

At the end of the day, anyone who is suffering with chronic fatigue is struggling to keep up with the demands of a typical day. Not everyone wants to take a handful of prescription medications every day. Many individuals are just not keen on the idea of taking something that could cause potentially serious side effects. That is precisely why so many are turning to CBD oil. For some of them, the relief they could potentially experience is just as good or better than what they might have with traditional medications. If you suffer from chronic fatigue and need help, you may want to see how CBD oil works for you.

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