CBD Experience

The CBD Experience

CBD has been making marked changes throughout the global health and wellness market for over a decade. Although the treatment has only entered public consciousness within the past handful of years, the truth is that hemp extracts have been in use for thousands of years. Recently, researchers demonstrated that communities in Central Asia have relied on hemp as a nutritional health supplement since 2000 BCE.

With CBD popping up in local cafes, restaurants, and farmers markets, many curious first time users are wondering what the experience is characterized by. In contrast to popular misconception, CBD derived from hemp is completely non-psychoactive and non-addictive, making it a potentially sustainable way to improve physical and mental health conditions.

CBD: Unlike Anything Else

Unlike traditional medications, using CBD isn’t at all similar to the sensation of something “kicking in”. After oral ingestion, the onset of CBD sensations is so gradual as to be imperceptible. Users recommend consistent use in order to receive the full benefits of a CBD health regimen.

Usually, those who use CBD almost immediately notice an effect on their mental state. Anxiety and depression sufferers may feel that the worst lows of their condition is slowly lifting as the CBD starts interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, a network in the brain and immune system that’s involved in nearly every aspect of health.

Rather than the “high” feeling associated with substances like cannabis, CBD works to stabilize cognition and mood in a way that allows users to dive back into their lives. Frequent users state that the feeling of CBD can be best summed up as: “you’re relaxed, and yet completely sober”.

CBD for Pain Relief

For those who are seeking out pain relief, CBD can be relatively more slower acting. It may take a few days or a week for a noticeable difference in the quality, duration, and sensitivity of the users’ pain condition to shift. However, these slight changes keep improving over time to ease the chronic illness with regular CBD ingestion.

Often, many of the benefits that users notice are retroactive. Several hours after ingestion, some users may notice that they use their time more productively than they would’ve without the gentle CBD dose, or they realize that their sleep quality was significantly improved.

Any Negative Side Effects?

In contrast to traditional medications, there are very few side effects reported by first-time and regular users of CBD. However, there are a handful of side effects that could develop over time with extended use.

First off, some users report that their mouth is much drier. This is because CBD may inhibit saliva production. Additionally, others state that they are more easily light-headed, since CBD is linked to reduced vasoconstriction and blood pressure.

The vast majority of people tolerate CBD very well, finding that it configures well into their health regimen.N