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CBD Oil: Miracle or Mirage?

Is CBD really as helpful as people say it is? Does it live up to the hype? Are there any potential drawbacks to using CBD?

History of Industrial Hemp

Hemp has a long history with humanity and has likely been with us for far longer than people can imagine...

What is CBD Oil?

Anyone visiting a trendy coffee shop in the last few years has probably seen something on the menu with "CBD". But what is it?

Is CBD Addictive?

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CBD for Treating Depression and Anxiety

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What Are The Top CBD Products and Brands?

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The CBD Experience

With CBD popping up in local cafes, restaurants, and farmers markets, many curious first time users are wondering what the experience is characterized by. Unlike traditional medications, using CBD isn’t at all similar to the sensation of something “kicking in”. What CBD does do for you seems to be pretty remarkable, and more people are looking every day to find out what the CBD experience is like… 

Common Reasons You Might Take CBD

It seems like even people who appear to be relatively healthy struggle with issues that might not be readily apparent at first glance. 

Some struggle with insomnia. For others, it’s nausea. The good news is that for these individuals and many others, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel because of CBD oil…